Power Your Digital Displays With Intelligence
A brand new way to broadcast your content

Fast and easy do-it-yourself digital signage solutions

Transform your TV’s and pad’s to intelligent digital signages

Fast and easy do-it-yourself digital signage solutions 快速而簡單的DIY數位看板解決方案

Know your out-of-home ad performance in real-time

Enable quick analysis, decisions, actions to respond to the market dynamic

Know your out-of-home ad performance in real-time 即時得知戶外廣告效益數據

Seamless user experience

Seamless OOHA experience anywhere anytime

Seamless user experience 無縫的用戶體驗

All Essential Features At Hand

Customer-centric design with easy to use interface

OOHA calendar screen shot

Your own media library

  • Upload your media files to your own cloud storage
  • Easy media sharing with colleagues and partners

Flexible scheduling

  • Schedule your ad campaign down to minute
  • Easily manage complex schedules, update an ad campaign in less than 10 seconds

Simple playlist editing

  • Essential transition effects are supported
  • Create a playlist in less than 5 mins by simply drag and drop media files to the editor

Youtube Integration

  • Create a playlist from both youtube and your own media library
  • Play your youtube videos directly

Real-time report

  • Support data export for advanced analytics
  • Know your foot traffic, demography (age and gender) and the performance of your ads in real time

Instant notification

  • Get instant notifications through web and mobile devices
  • Setup your own notification preferences
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Customer Reviews

“I finally found a digital signage solution designed for dummies. Setting up OOHA is just as easy as downloading an mobile app. Its interface is very intuitive, simple and slick. I highly recommend it especially for people prefer a hassle free solution. Thanks.”
foundhouse owner
Aflred Chen Owner, Foundhouse Food & Drinks
“I am very impressed with OOHA’s real-time intelligent video analytics capability. OOHA has helped us accurately measure the foot traffic and provide comprehensive customer demographic profile allowing us to quickly respond to market dynamic. OOHA Rocks”
Henry Cheng Owner, Cupetit
“OOHA is so awesome. Changing promotion mixes is so fast and easy now. My sales conversion rate has improved 20% just by playing around the promotion content. This is the best investment I have made since I opened the restaurants. Go OOHA!”
Mr. Yeh Owner, Chain Restaurants
Cupetit cupcake reference